Online casinos: Getting to know the bonuses

Nothing in the world comes easy and free not even in casino games. It is a common sight to see online casino joints displaying hefty bonuses for those who sign up to play. Well, the money is real and can be claimed but there is usually terms and conditions that must be fulfilled for this to happen. Remember there are so many casinos and for them to attract you into their fold, they have to use powerful marketing and differentiation strategies that will convince you that they are the best you can ever get. Under the bonnet, all casinos are the same, they come from the same software provider but they add skins of their own to make them attractive to potential casino players. Below are the types of bonuses that are commonly offered in online casinos:
Match Bonus- this is by far the most common among all types of bonuses. The player is credited with a given percentage as bonus commensurate with his deposit. This means that if you are in a casino where you spend $100 dollars in deposit and the match bonus is 100% then you will be given an extra $100 in bonus in addition to your $100 initial deposit making your total $200. Match bonuses also have a limit as to the amount you can earn.
Welcome bonus-this refers to a special kind of bonus which is offered in most online casinos. It usually denotes the maximum amount in match bonuses that you can earn as a new player over a given period of time or within the first given number of deposits or both. In the case of the deposits, you must ensure that the deposits are of maximum amount as required in the terms and conditions of the bonus.
A No deposit bonus-With this kind of bonus, you do not have to make any deposit whatsoever for you to qualify in getting it. With it, you can play real money casino games without suffering any disadvantages. It is commonly used as a tool and strategy in getting new players and winning their trust. It must be noted that these bonuses are also small and have wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawing the money upon winning.
Sticky/ play only bonuses-as the name suggests, this kind of bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account upon winning. Should you get lucky and win, the amount you get will be less the play only bonus. The advantage of these bonuses is that they are larger compared to match bonuses and their wagering requirements are relatively lower.
To sum this up therefore, it is good to know that for every mouth watering bonus that is being offered at an online casino and in casino games, just know that there is a flip side to it. However appropriate knowledge helps you in making an informed decision.