The roulette rules are relatively simple, but it is better to be well acquainted with them before betting on the game. In this section we also give some advice to comply with the rules of etiquette in the game.

The first thing to know is how the minimum bets. If you make an inside bet (usually a number, or numbers with adjoining squares) and the minimum bet at the table is $ 5, then your total bets must add at least $ 5. But if you make an outside bet (colors, odd or even, columns, etc..), Each of your bets must be at least $ 5.

You also need to understand how the chips. When you play American roulette will notice that the cards are different from the other games. This is because the dealer will give each player cards with different color to know who is responsible each bet.

Before you start playing roulette in the name tell the dealer you want to have each tab that he gives you. Once you have finished playing roulette, the croupier will exchange these for other dates that may be used in the other casino games.

The game of roulette is not fast, so it attracts people looking to relax for a while. This slowness is because you have to place several bets at once. Do not worry if someone else already put your chips in the box that you had chosen. The boxes can be shared by different colors of chips. In roulette you have much time to think about your bet, and can even do it when the wheel is already spinning, but before the croupier indicates that you can no longer place bets. Once the ball has stopped the dealer shout the number and color of the box in which it stopped. At this time those who have won their bets and take their profits and the dealer will collect the other tabs. Wait for the dealer call the next bet to bet again.

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