Learning to play roulette is simple. However, designing a strategy to win it is a bit more complicated. There is a strategy called “Martingale System”, whose popularity is due to its simplicity. To get an idea on how systems work, please read our roulette systems. One of the main problems in order to design an appropriate system, is that all bets placed on the table give the house an advantage of 5.25%, except for the bet to five, which gives the house an enormous advantage of 7.29%.

So what can you suggest as a strategy? Search Rules Pro. Since we can not do much to alter the outcome of each spin, all we can do is look for casinos whose rules minimize the house edge.

The first rule to look for, is to surrender (“Surrender”), which should not be confused with the surrender of blackjack. The surrender option applies to outside bets, which are usually higher than inside bets. In this case, if the ball is stopped at 0 or at 00 (which are the numbers that give the advantage to the house) you lose only half your bet. This rule reduces the house edge to 2.63%. On the other hand, you are sacrificing a good profit potential. However works. European roulette rarely offers the option to surrender.

Another rule is to look at the possibility of playing roulette with one single zero, ie European Roulette games. Logically will find European Roulette in Europe than in other regions. The fact that anything beyond 37 numbers on the wheel decreases the house edge to 2.7%, which is relatively favorable.

The last rule, but not least is called “En Prison”. This rule works like this: Let’s say you make two outside bets (yes, this rule applies to this bet only) and the ball lands on the 0. If this happens, do not withdraw your bet on the table, but will leave there (“trapped”) to decide their fate in the next round. If the next round your bet wins, then you regain your chips, but no earnings. If the next turn loses again, then you definitely will have lost this time. This rule reduces the house edge in betting divided only 1.35%. Unfortunately this applies almost exclusively in Europe.

Apparently, the best strategy for winning at roulette is to live in Europe. Maybe that can be a bit steep. We suggest you visit our best to address with a single zero roulette and play in one of these addresses. Remember you always have the option of playing in a virtual casino that has a single zero roulette.