In this section we’ll talk a little about the roulette itself is mesmerizing in that wheel where they concentrate so much mystique and mathematical theories. Although by far seems small, roulette can weigh around 50 kilos and has just under 1 meter in diameter. There is a small wheel.

Numbers one through 36 are divided into red and black squares. The box is the space in the box where the ball stops depl√°stico white. In addition to the 36 numbers randomly distributed, there are one or two green squares which are numbered 0 to 00. Is there any reason why the numbers are aligned at random? Not really, because a spin is independent of the other and where the ball starts spinning is also random. However, the red and black if sequence is carefully organized to ensure that both colors have the same probability of exit. This is the design using the spinners throughout the industry.

The dealer will spin the wheel and release a plastic bead. It will stop in a random box. The roulette surface is rough, ensuring randomness of the game.